CODE FOILS 1300s High Modulus Front Wing


$1590 NZD

The 1300S High Modulus front wing is our beginner-friendly front wing, providing early and ample lift to get you up and foiling quickly across all disciplines.

Its fantastic stability and high-modulus construction ensure a stiff and uncompromising performance. Dock starters will especially love this front wing's ease of use at slow speeds and exceptional glide for its size and span.

 Heavier prone foilers seeking to link multiple waves in tiny, gutless conditions while effortlessly cruising back to the lineup will adore this foil.

This front wing opens up Code foils to beginners in the growing discipline of downwind foiling. It strikes the perfect balance between early lift and glide, allowing users to not only get up and foiling but also begin linking bumps in downwind conditions.

For the more advanced rider across any discipline, be it wing foiling or dock starting, this wing will keep you foiling in any light or gutless conditions, even when the forecast isn't looking too good!