Sunova Curfboard Skateboard


Easily the best of all the surf skates I have tried, and I have been skating for over 50 years now, so I'm kinda fussy .. (Dean)

The Curfboard is a blend of sharp turn control and surfy freedom that translates to a buttery ride. Designed to be a concrete-wave-slaying board, the board will deliver carves and cutbacks with that true ocean feel.

Surfing in the ocean is the root of surfskating. Naturally, we felt the waves had to flow into our design.

Thanks to the patented Curfboard front-truck without bushings or springs, the truck self-adjusts to your weight and riding level. No tightening, maintenance or manual adjustment needed. At higher speeds, the truck becomes more stable and prevents speed wobbles. And even during the tightest turns, wheelbites (wheels touching the board) on the front-truck are a thing from the past with our special surfskate truck.

Ideal for:

Intermediate riders and pros wanting to train surf movements
Tight turns and sessions in the park, or cruising along the ocean
Serious surf maneuver training such as cut-backs and fins-outs
Anyone between 20 – 100kg (trucks automatically adjust to your weight)


100% Wood with Clear grip. Decks make by Sunova in-house!
Maintenance-free Curfboard front truck with the unique no-springs, no-bushings mechanism
Standard rear truck
Wheels with a diameter of 70mm (2,75inch) & 50mm width, 82A softness for extra grip and smooth rides
Ball bearings ABEC 7 with ted spacer and speed rings