Sunova Pro longboard (in 2 thickness options)


THE PRO evolved from a basic need, to catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions got a little bigger.

The PRO is a performance longboard attaining that delicate balance between competitive edge and longboarding tradition. THE PRO evolved from a basic need, to catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions got a little bigger.

As competitive longboarding emerged, surfers started demanding a more versatile board that would give a superior performance without totally losing sight of the criteria.. This board is not a noserider, it is more a barrel rider.

 The PRO combines a full performance thruster setup with Sunova‘s composite BalsaFlex construction technology to create a board so free and loose, it is hard to believe a Longboard can be surfed so radically.

Traditional clean longboard outline, subtle flyer, rounded pin. The outline is relatively balanced with the widest point in the middle, it does carry some width to around 3ft from the tail before pulling in to a performance shortboard outline, so the board can be pumped for speed easily and can be surfed freely off the tail. If you have never owned one, you will basically freak out at how well this board can surf.

Low profile, shortboard style. The really low rails do a few different jobs, fat rails are harder to bury, especially at speed, so the low rails make the board super sensitive and responsive in turns. Because our stringers are in our rail line, the board has a greater range of flex and spring back. The low rail is more submerged when walking and nose riding so the board is nice and stable to walk with water flowing over the rails holding them down. Lastly the bottom edge through the tail is quite tucked under, this gives the board good hold into late drops and a smooth ride in general.

Full high performance rocker. This amount of rocker fits nicely into tighter parts of the wave, yet it is still flat enough to carry without needing to be pumped, but it can be pumped for speed with ease if the wave requires. The curve is an even curve all the way out the tail, so it still carries speed even if you are standing right on the tail. The board has a nice squirt or acceleration if you stomp your back foot, as opposed to a tail flip which is like hitting the brakes

Flat bottom. The idea is to keep the board going fast, it already has plenty of features to keep the board loose and sensitive, no need for added contours as the overall design is not dependent on bottom contours for control. Additionally, the general Sunova construction with the flexible bottom adds another dimension that reduces the need for contours.

Standard deck roll. Not much going on here apart from thickness distribution. Having the nose and tail quite refined lowers swing weight and keeps the tail feeling sensitive.

Thruster. For sure the best performance option, I personally like to run a slightly smaller tail fin, as this frees the tail up a little better in tight under the lip style turns and snaps in general. A high performance longboard that will blow you away with how good it surfs. A combination of a tried and tested shape and superior technology that add to the performance to create this full package.