Bert Burger has been making composite tech boards for over 40 years and is the acknowledged master of the technology, whether it be in a surfboard, windsurfer, paddleboard or S.U.P.

 Everything in a Firewire surboard was designed and perfected by Bert, years before Firewire. Bert started Firewire with Nev Hyman in 2005. Its is all Berts tech. No Bert, no Firewire.

Yu Sumitomo who created Thunderbolt Surfboards apparently came up with the Thundebolt tech independently from Bert, in one of those parallel universe synchronicities. The GEN 2 Thunderbolts have been improved by directly incorporating more of Bert's ideas ..  

They (Sunova & Thunderbolt) are very very similar constructions (compared to the rest of the market), and with the same objectives - Flex, torsion and performance.

(Choose a model by matching  the SHAPE to the wave type , conditions, and rider  - on the day. 

WOOD is the magic ingredient, the more the better. If Thunderbolt used wood they would not need 3 flex constructions, as wood naturally adapts to flex and torsion, loading & unloading appropriately in response to the pressures applied.

That is why wood is still used in snowboards, skateboards, and even fishing rods.

Wood is also a big factor in evening out and distributing forces. This makes a faster ‘vehicle’, and less rider fatigue.

North Coast Surfboards Takayamas are shaped by one of Australia's original and best - Geoff ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson.

Perfect, magical, P.U.’s that fit certain conditions better than Epoxy tech.